Oliver Latvia – the strongest Latvian men’s team in Badminton 100 format

ceresit podium

The Latvian Badminton Federation has identified Latvia’s most powerful men’s badminton team in Badmiton100 format. For the first time in Latvia, the Ceresit men’s badminton Team Cup was held, 12 teams and 65 players including 9 existing and former Latvian champions. Latvian Sports TV SportaCentrs was broadcast in final games. The tournament was won by the “Oliver Latvia” team, winning the TopMedia team in the final with 100:70. Bronze for Fisher team, winning the small final against the international student team of Latvian Agricultural University.

The Ceresit men’s badminton Team Cup, which was originally scheduled for March 21 and couldn’t happen because of the Covid-19.

The winners of the Ceresit men’s badminton Team Cup won the awards for each household’s useful “Ceresit” Aero 360° humidity absorbent, which helps to effectively prevent allergies by reducing moisture that causes the development of mould and dust mites that are allergies such as nasal congestion, asthma, eczema, and others. Each winner also received gifts from Lavazza. The final games on TV were held on Lavazza-sponsored badminton court.

The Ceresit men’s badminton Team Cup took place in the Badminton 100 format. Teams playing up to 100 points among themselves. Starting one after the other is in three singles until the winning team wins 20, 40 and 60 points, but then follows two double games, the first to the winning team’s 80 th, while the second will be the closing to a winning team’s 100 th.

Kristians Rozenvalds, Secretary general of the Latvian Badminton Federation, believes that the format of Badminton 100 is very suitable for team tournaments. “The length of the game is one hour, it’s very understandable to TV, understandable to viewers, while teams can play it on workday evenings. “It’s the future of badmiton!” says Kristians Rozenvalds.

Information about the Badminton 100 format can be found on the website badminton100.com, specifically created for Badminton 100 format. It was originally used at the European School Teams Championships in France in 2017. The Baltic Youth Championships have been playing in this format for three years, participating by the Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarusian and Polish players.



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