Oliver Latvia – the strongest Latvian men’s team in Badminton 100 format

ceresit podium

The Latvian Badminton Federation has identified Latvia’s most powerful men’s badminton team in Badmiton100 format. For the first time in Latvia, the Ceresit men’s badminton Team Cup was held, 12 teams and 65 players including 9 existing and former Latvian champions. Latvian Sports TV SportaCentrs was broadcast in final games. The tournament was won by the “Oliver Latvia” team, winning the TopMedia team in the final with 100:70. Bronze for Fisher team, winning the small final against the international student team of Latvian Agricultural University. Turpināt lasīšanu “Oliver Latvia – the strongest Latvian men’s team in Badminton 100 format”

Estonia’s triumph at Baltic Open Youth Championships


At the beginning of November, for the second year in a row, the Baltic Open Youth Teams and Individual Championships in the three age groups U14, U16 and U18 took place. This year the Baltic Open Youth Championship was held in Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius. 122 players participated not only from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, but also from Finland, Belarus and Poland. Turpināt lasīšanu “Estonia’s triumph at Baltic Open Youth Championships”

A new Latvian and Lithuanian tradition on the Day of the Baltic Unity


On the Day of the Baltic unity on September 22, a new tradition – the Latvian and Lithuanian annual badminton team game – is being started in Lithuanian border town Biržai. Starting the tradition in 2017 Latvian and Lithuanian U15  played, but next year also U17, U19 and adult team matches will be scheduled, as well as a joint dinner and meeting for organizers of both countries’ badminton’s life. Turpināt lasīšanu “A new Latvian and Lithuanian tradition on the Day of the Baltic Unity”