Covid-19 Epidemiological safety protocol of the Baltic Youth Championship

1) While in the hall, all players coaches and staff members are required to wear face masks. No exceptions include drinking or eating. Masks can be taken off outside of Sport hall only. The mask can only be removed during a badminton game on the court and during warm-up, keeping a distance of 2 meters. Masks may not be used in the Dining Area while sitting at the dining table.
2) Players need to come to court with their bags, so their belongings can be placed in them, not on the floor.
3) The players are expected to come to Sport hall before the match, and leave the Sport hall after their match, to avoid crowding in the hall.
4) In order to ensure that participants registered in the yellow zone are completely separated from participants registered in the green zone, they shall not be entitled to cross the boundaries of their zone.
5) While in Sport hall and hotel, participants keep a distance of 2 meters from each other. Participants from one team do not come into contact with participants from another team, except in badminton games when the participants are not shaking hands and everyone is on their side of the net.
6) The participant undertakes to comply with the epidemiological safety requirements set by the Sports Hall, including written and mutual instructions from the Sports Hall and the Competition management.
7) The tournament participant understands that if these procedures are not followed, he / she may be denied participation in the Sports Hall and the opportunity to participate in the tournament.

>>> Complete the confirmation of compliance with the Epemiological Safety Protocol



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